I asked an old friend of Theresa’s to tell me about their drug use back
“in the day”; what he wrote is basically as I remembered it:

well okay…let me think back….

All “drug use” that we did at the time was marijuana related…and specifically hashish (or “hash” as we called it – it was rolled with tobacco and made into a joint) None in our gang would actually go out and “buy” any or even carry it around in our possession (although I am sure they did at times) – it was usually someone at a party (one of the guys) that would pull out a joint and it would get lit up and passed around – we each would puff once or twice depending on the number of people. Over the course of an evening, more might be passed around over a few hours. At that rate, the most one would feel was a slight sense of relaxation, or what we called “a buzz”

– why did we do “drugs” ?- well because alcohol was too difficult to get, carry around and had a bad stigma…drugs like grass and hash were “cool” There were “harder” drugs at that time (the next step up was mescaline which was more of a hallicinatory drug – I never tried it but I heard of others that did) I completely doubt that any of that gang ever did anything more than hash. Certainly not when I was around and I would have heard about it.

Theresa really was not much of a ‘smoker’ in that sense – she liked her cigarettes…as a matter of fact Theresa did not really do things just to be “cool”. It was more like someone would passsome around and it would come to you and you took a “toke”. There were some students at PCHS that did it all day – walked around in a daze …and they stunk of hash. No one really liked those people. But as I said, Theresa was more cautious about everything – she was not someone just to jump in and try something.

I think I told you that she was the last of the gang to “sleep” with someone…and it was way past high school – when she was living in Pointe Claire in that appt building with the roommate – I don’t remember the name but I do remember that night – Theresa confided in me…and told me all about it.

The oppurtunity was always around but Theresa was not one to do something just because everyone else did.So when you say “drug use” it is I guess pretty light – its not as if we carried around drugs to keep ourselves in a cloud all day – it was only at night and at parties or get-togethers when there was other people that brought. I don’t think Theresa EVER carried it around with her – she was too paranoid about things like that and being ‘caught’. But as we all were 17, drinking started to become popular and sneaking into bars with fake id was the thing to do. We were at the Boulevard on Pierrrefonds Blvd when the police raided the place and caught people with fake ids….I was lucky and so were a few but Theresa was taken to the station and it was ironc because it was so close to her 18th birthday if I remember – even that night I think.

So thats about it – we were all very casual “users”, not druggies or hooked on anything.

I remember that night when she was taken to the police station. That was a bad night.


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