A reader asks…

“I am just wondering what is to gain by talking about Theresa being stoned in that last blog. After being exonerated from that notion of drug implication, and after such a fight to clear her name on that, that blog entry might make the reader surmise that there was a possibility of her being more involved and that she actually did overdose.

This approach of yours worries me..

Perhaps you were being sarcastic.”

No I was not being sarcastic, provocative maybe, but not sarcastic. I thought carefully about whether to print that and decided to go for it.

It was wrong for society to paint Theresa as a degenerate. And it would be equally wrong for me to paint her as some sort of angel. She was a beautiful human being, and like all such creatures she was flawed, she made mistakes.

That picture makes me laugh because it’s from her high school prom (I think Terry Demonte was her date) and she looks so angelic. But one day I looked at it a little more closely and I could see from her eyes she was a little bit wasted (a little pot? a little too much to drink at dinner? I don’t know).

Theresa had a pretty rough adolescence. She dropped out of Vanier college and began working in a ski factory, then she worked in a bottle making factory. My parents and Theresa fought pretty harshly. She moved out on her own at 18:

1. She hitchhiked
2. She had an experimental relationship with drugs (she tried pot hash, maybe LSD)
3. She like Led Zeppelin IV (at that time it was seriously considered the devil’s music)

Now… one day she got really fed up with herself and ask my mother if she would pay for tuition if she went back to school. To this my parents agreed. She straightened herself out. For the six weeks she was at Champlain she was pulling down straight As. Her boyfriend, Vlad was a health nut – he wouldn’t have tolerated any over indulgence with drugs.

So to those who think authorities could drive a wedge in the truth by my childish utterance that Theresa might have been stoned at her high school graduation I say this:

1. Theresa was most likely hitchhiking the night she died, but not by choice.
2. She may have done drugs in her past, but not while at Champlain; and certainly not the night she died.
3. (I don’t have anything to add about the Led Zeppelin thing)

This insistence to paint a “clean” picture of the victim is tantamount to saying “if you don’t depict her as a saint then people will say she had it coming!”

And is that the case? Tell that to the missing women of B.C., I’m sure the Pickton jury will be all ears.


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