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So you know, there is some buzz, there is some movement, but I’m not really the one creating it this time. A few points:

I know AFPAD has gotten involved. A rep contacted my contact with the Surete du Quebec to ask them to take a look at some details that they may have overlooked. AFPAD is also preparing to strike at a higher, political level. BUT I WANT TO CAUTION EVERYONE…

I have been down this road too many times. If the argument is made that the SQ must refocus on the Theresa Allore investigation, that tactic will get nowhere fast. They will give it a little more attention for a few months, then ignore it all over again when no one is looking (is that not what has been going on for the last 4 years?).

What are needed are broader reforms and demands:

1. What is the SQ’s solution for handling information provided by the public that gets dropped? How can they insure that tips, etc… get documented and communicated to the proper investigators? That this information is acted upon (surely investing in a province wide 411 call-centre is not out if the question (we have one here in Durham)?).

2. Communication with victims in cold-cases and unsolveds: A systemic change in police culture so that every investigator MUST contact family members on a periodic basis to give them updates on the case (even if that update is “nothing to report”). Believe me the emotional and psychological challenges of the victims’ family having to contact the investigators is overwhelming. Don’t let other families go through what we have gone through for the past 28 years.

3. Then there is an entire component about how shabbily the Quebec justice system – still – treats women who experience sexual violence, and I don’t even know how to begin to address that problem (and indeed I am the wrong person to lead the charge; I can only point out the situation and provide support)


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