Here is the other Pouliot information. Basically Ron Pouliot got a life sentence reduced, then he was denied parole:

November 10, 2000
Quebec man convicted in grisly double murder gets life sentence reduced

MONTREAL (CP) _ A man serving a life sentence for a grisly double murder got five years knocked off his sentence by a Quebec Superior Court jury onFriday.

Ronald Pouliot, 40, had sought early parole from prison after serving 16years of the 25-year sentence. Pouliot, three of his 12 siblings, and their father were charged after the slayings of four men near their Compton Station, Que., home in June 1994. The victims were killed after the Pouliots accused them of ransacking twofamily cottages.

Witnesses said Jean-Luc Pouliot ordered his sons Mario, Serge, Ronald and Marc to round up the suspected vandals, who were tortured before being shot and dumped into a ravine.

Jean-Luc was sentenced to seven years as an accessory to murder after the fact and forcible confinement; Serge was acquitted of four counts of premeditated murder but sentenced to six years for kidnapping and forcible confinement. Marc got two years less a day for aggravated assault and forcible confinement and Mario was convicted on four counts of first-degree murder,won a new trial through the Supreme Court of Canada and then pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Both Pouliot’s lawyer and the Crown prosecutor said they were satisfied with Friday’s decision. A psychologist had testified that Ronald Pouliot no longer posed a danger to society and Pouliot himself had said he had changed and wants to work with the elderly.(Montreal Gazette)


November 11, 2000 Saturday

Jurors deny early parole to murderer
The Gazette

A Quebec Superior Court jury has decided that society isn’t quite ready for Ronald Pouliot, an Eastern Townships man serving a life sentence for a double murder.

Pouliot, 40, had sought early parole from prison after serving more than 16 years, but the six female and six male jurors agreed unanimously yesterday that he should remain behind bars for at least another 42 months. “We’re very satisfied,” said Francois Bordeleau, one of two lawyers representing Pouliot. “We had estimated he would get 20 years and he got 20.”

Canadian law calls for people guilty of first-degree murder to automatically serve 25 years before they become eligible for parole.

With yesterday’s verdict, however, Bordeleau said his client will be in a position as of next June 27 to ask for unescorted parole and total freedom in 3 1/2 years.

Prosecutor Esthel Gravel, who this week reminded Justice Jean-Guy Boilard of the seriousness of Pouliot’s crime, said the jury handed down “a good verdict with the evidence they were given.”

A psychologist for the defence testified Wednesday that Pouliot no longer poses a risk to society.

Pouliot took the witness stand on Tuesday and claimed that he has changed his behaviour, plans to study and wants to care for the elderly.

Pouliot, three of his 12 siblings and their father were charged following the grisly slayings of four men near their Compton Station home in June 1994.

The victims were murdered after the Pouliots blamed them for ransacking two family cottages. The bodies were found in a ravine a few kilometres from the Pouliot home.


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