Highway of Tears justice inquiry demanded

If an inquiry is good enough for B.C. (see below) then Quebec should have the same thing for Camirand, Dube, Allore and all those women assaulted from 77′ through 81′.

It is absurd that I am carrying out “interviews” with Anonymous who may have shared the same fate as Theresa – Where are the Quebec police?

Calgary Sun
February 27, 2006

VANCOUVER — The native-women’s group that organized a memorial in Ottawa on Saturday to draw attention to B.C.’s so-called Highway of Tears killings has thrown its voice behind a call for a public inquiry into the eight unsolved murders.

“What we want is a national inquiry into this issue,” says Beverley Jacobs, president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada.

“We also need to see resources put in to communities to address the issue of violence against aboriginal women — and for the police to take this very seriously.”

Eight women have been found dead along the highway, which stretches from Prince Rupert in B.C.’s northwest to Edmonton.

“All of the victims (who went missing along Hwy. 16) were aboriginal women except for one,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs’ call for an inquiry comes on the heels of comments by Jagrup Brar, public-safety critic for the provincial NDP.

He called on the provincial government to address safety concerns along the highway.
Jacobs said the discovery of the body of Aielah Saric-Auger on Feb. 9 on Highway 16 has fueled fears a serial killer maybe working the highway between Prince Rupert and Prince George.


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