I was asked to fill in some holes:


Sometimes I write for my own amusement and that sometimes involves things my sister would have found funny. In this case, Aqualung is an album and song by Jethro Tull, and it happened to be one of the last xmas presents Theresa gave to me. Aqualung tells the story of a child molester (or at least child oogler) who sits on park benches eyeing young girls. So I saw the Turcotte article and posted it with a headline comparing him to Aqualung.


I found his case interesting as more evidence of the litany of abuse that has gone on in the Sherbrooke community for close to 30 years (here’s this kiddie-diddler who operated for 27 years and was never caught? Sherbrooke has a population of about, what… 200,000?)


Hmm… This one’s tricky to answer. I can’t name suspects outright (or I won’t, or I’m scared of legal repercussions) I think what you’re basically asking is “who was the guy who went out west?” The short answer is, “I don’t know”. But here’s what I speculate: He was short, he was french, he served in the military. He assaulted and choked Nicole Couture in a Sherbrooke parking garage in 1981. And, I believe, it is very possible he was the guy who chased the girl through the apple orchard on Mcdonald rd. in the fall of 1978. He is also the guy I refer to as suspect #1 on this post:


He went out west to Alberta and did something for which he is now serving 25 years in Archenbault. That’s sort of all I can give you, but if you’re a good detective I think you can figure it out using Google.


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