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Hi John,

I read both your is ashame that SQ did such a bad job in Theresa case…but before sending a comunitqué de presse..I prefer sending a lettre to xxxxxxxx about your complain…

What do you think?




Je pense toujour que votre conseil est le meilleur conseil.

Ok, do that.

Pierre, un autre chose:

I am less concerned about my personal problems in all this (I cannot tell the police they can no longer investigate: I know that’s silly). Also, I DON’T think Theresa’s case can be solved; I’m not looking for that.

But the way the Surete treat people then and today is appauling. They need systemic change. They cannot say they have proper channels of communication and then refuse to return phone calls from citizens who want to provide assistance. How many times must this happen? I believe it happens constantly. They have no respect for women as assault victims, as victims of rape… they have no respect for women. Period. They didn’t then, and they don’t now.

This must not continue. If there is one battle left I feel is worth fighting for it is that.

Thank you again for your help my friend.

John A


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