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I would like you to call me . Yes, I am angry, but I will agree tobe polite and professional if you will answer some questions for me on behalf ofthe Surete du Quebec, and in regard to my sister’s case file.

I have included the post that was left on my website at the end of this email. Itis regarding this post that I have questions. What this person describes is accurate in every way to information you and I havestudied for the last few years. The location of roads etc… from Lennoxville to Compton to King’s Hall is correct. The manner of the pick-up from hitchhiking is consitent with other reports we have from women who were assaulted from 1977 to 1979 in that area. The physical description of the assaulter (short, french) is consistent with other reports.

But here, for the first time, we have a woman – a student at Champlain College who lived at King’s Hall Compton – travelling the same path as my sister, and being assaulted under circumstances that sound consistent to what I would expect to havehappened to Theresa in the fall of 1978. My question is this: It has been nearly two years and no one from the Quebec Police returned this woman’s calls – why not? I checked the numbers: 819-821-5555 is the Sherbrooke Municipal Police; 819-564-1212 is the number of the Surete du Quebec on King street in Sherbrooke – the same office that botched the original investigationon Theresa. Can you think of a reason why they might not wish to cooperate in your new investigation, why they might ignore returning such calls? (there have been many others – we both have discussed that – but this is the most galling example)

How to you expect to solve this case when people in your own police force are unwilling to assist in the investigation?

So here is where I stand. I have kept your confidence – the confidence of this investigation- for four years now. You have shown little signs of progress, in fact you have admitted to me that you no longer have the time to investigate. Fine. Since you can’t handle this assignment, I will take it back. I will publish on my blog every detail I have about witnesses and suspects.

That won’t jeapordize a non-existent case.

Let the newspapers and other media have the facts, perhaps they will be more efficientin coming up with answers about how my sister died 28 years ago.

Below, you may find the anonymous post, please call me so we may part ways in a civil manner.


John Allore

john, this is my next step – it’s not easy even after nearly 30 years (deep breath) in january 1977 i was hitch-hiking from sherbrooke to compton – (i was returning from xmas break with my family by voyaguer bus which left me at thesherbrooke depot) – there was a huge blizzard and it was past midnight – i was picked up by a nice man – he wished he could have driven me to compton but because of the blizzard he could get me as far as lennoxville, which is what he did, he told methat he felt bad leaving me there just outside of lennoxville, he had 2 daughters my about age (17) but he just had to get home to his family – he was over an hour late – it was almost one a.m. ……

twenty minutes later the devil came along – because of the blizzard i was glad to get into a car but it i was aware that this guy was not like the first – anyway he said that compton was a little out of his way but he would take me – we basically drove in silence – just before the turnoff to king’s hall, i indicated to “turn here” and he said “i know where i’m going” – i was creeped out but i was playing cool – i didn’t want this guy to know that i was sooo scared – (and here is where i have been trying to geta detailed map – i think i’ve blocked this corner from my memory) if i remember correctly the actual drive-way to king’s hall sort of continues ‘straight’ from the road but there is a small road that continues to the right of the driveway -when we reached this intersection – i indicated “go up there” this is when he said “oh i know where you want to go but i want to show you a place down this road” – this is where my angels came in – because of the blizzard he could not drive very much further – he asked me to come sit closer – it was oneof those cars from the 70’s that have one long front seat and up till now my suitcase had been between us and my napsack on my lap – it had occured to me to open the door and run from the time he turned right, but the snow was very deep – he said i owed him something for going out of his way – i moved a little closer – then i realized he had unzipped and had his penis in his hand – i panicked but still was able to say “j’ai quinze ans – s’il vous plait monsieur,j’ai quinze ans” thinking that somehow fifteen was safe — he grabbed me by the back of my neck and forced me into oral sex – he ejaculated in my mouth and face – i could see that he was thinking about what to do next – he tried to advance the car but that didn’t work – then he shot into reverse – and back to forward -but the snow was too deep – then he reversed all the way back to the king’s hall driveway – told me that if i told anyone he knew where to come find me then told me to get out of the car — i walked all the way up to the residence – put my stuff into my room went to take a shower and told no one about this for 25 years –

when i saw the last few minutes of the W-five episode april 2005 – i somehow thought that if i had said something at the time, this would not have happened to Theresa, but know i now that a reported rape (oral, at that) wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow- i called the surete and told them i maybe had some information on a cold case that i had just seen on tv – they took my name and number and said that someone would get back to me – it’s now february 2006 – after reading the information on Theresa’s autopsy – that she had gagged – i felt that she had shared my rape/rapist- i had gagged too he was short – perhaps 30-35 – french speaking – blue car

that night in january 1977 when i hitch-hiked from sherbrooke to compton was the first time that i did so in that area and the last time ever, but i had remembered reading in the student’s handbook ‘hitch-hiking dos and don’ts – it’s ironic in a way – i was attending champlain lennoxville because i was a small-town girl and didn’t feel ready to be in the big city (i.e. montreal) and this happened. in may 1978 i left compton/lennoxville without ever completing my DEC – i had never heard of louise camirand or manon dube or of any other attacks – i moved to montreal inmay 1978 and have never been threatened, let alone attacked or raped. now i am very angry at champlain college for using us as guinea pig’s for their compton experiment- i remember joe gallagher – i probably saw him a dozen times from september 1976- may l978 – my impression was that he thought of himself as a catch, a lady’s man, a cool guy – i never thought of him as an ‘overseer’ – there is one particular moment that has stayed with me to this day – i was doing laundry and was removing another student’s clothes from the dryer when joe walked in and saw the clean clothes that i had removed and commented ” yessir them there nicotine stains”, i looked to where he was looking and saw a pair of girl’s underwear insideout on top of the pile, he just smiled and walked out of the laundry room – i stood there feeling shocked and somehow ‘dirty’ – he may have just been showing-off but i thought it was inappropriate.

regarding what i wrote yesterday about having called the ‘surete’ i’m not quite sure if it was them or the ‘police’ but these are the two numbers i called on march 13, 2005 – 819-564-1212 and 819-821-5555 – i believe that i only left my name and number with the second number you mentionned that A&E cold case were interested in persuing Theresa’s case, any news? i do watch from time to time and they are solving 30 year-old crimes because someone had the sense to keep evidence – it’s unthinkable that evidence would be thrown out in an unsolved murder case???

coincidently, i happened to be a petite brunette at the time, but i am sure, due to blizzard conditions, i would have been wearing something on my head, as was manon dube in her january 1978 abduction – i am not altogether sure that this guy was looking for a particular ‘type’ other than ‘petite’ because then he would definitely be able to overpower us and when necessary carry a victim to another location (least effort) – your sister did not walk bare-foot and naked across cornstubble – manon dube was not a hit-and-run and this guy was sick enough to play games of hide-and-seek with the victim’s belongings – i feel that if it had not been for that impassable road he would have had the entire contents of a suitcase and napsack to taunt my family with – he definitely knew where he was driving.


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