Maritime Missy has posted some questions and I am happy to provide some answers

“… It always does when the pot is stirred.”

OK, Missy, this is an interesting choice of words, any particular reason why you chose to phrase it that way?

1. Have you developed a timeline that details the significant events in the investigation? (I have to keep backtracking to other posts/articles to compare dates and locations.)

Oh yes, in fact this was one of the first things submitted to Kim Rossmo when we asked for his assessment.

2. Do you have a map indicating the locations where all the women who have gone missing (and where their bodies were found) in the Sherbrooke area since 1978?

Yes. In fact last week – using Google Earth – I was going to post the exact long. and lat. coordinates (give me a little time).

3. Other than the fact that Manon Dube was found at the juncture of the road leading back from Compton, why do you think her death is connected? Her age seems out of place with Louise, Theresa and the guy whose daughter was attacked.

A number of reasons. Manon was very tall for her age. Also, between Louise and Theresa was a 19 month period, in a relatively low crime area. I admit that Manon would be the first I’d exclude, but I’d like to know what information the police have in order to exclude her outright.

What else… Manon’s sister, Chantel, and I have met on several occasions. She too is agressive in wanting to solve her sister’s death. We remain open about the possibilities; sometimes we think they’re connected, sometimes not.

4. For some reason, I think the guy who did this was a hunter. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that your sister vanished in November, that the other Compton girl was attacked in October and Louise went missing in March. Those dates are all within hunting seasons. Also…hunters know the backwoods and roads VERY well. Is the Compton area prime hunting territory? Are there cabins back there?

You are on the money: yes, these are at the beginnings of hunting seasons. Cabins, etc… yes. Suspect #2 was a hunter who hunted in the states, and was hunting the weekend Theresa disappeared.

5. Is it possible that Louise Chaput, the 52-year-old hiker, who went missing in November 2001 be another victim? Even though she disappeared in New Hampshire, she would have taken a road from Sherbrooke/Compton to get there?

I doubt it. The rumor is that she may have been killed by a patient (Louise was a psychologist).

6. What are the other similarities between Louise Camirand, Theresa, and the others? Were they all brunettes?

Oh god, this would take forever… many similarities, of which Kim Rossmo analyzed them.

7. Maura Murray and Shari Roth have also gone missing in New Hamsphire. I know you’ve posted their stories in your blog. They seem like they could be victims of the same person…especially Shari…who was strangled in Bartlett, NH in August 1977–prior to Theresa’s disappearance but just hours away–south of the border.

Ya, this is a big issue. police forces from Quebec and the U.S. States (New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont) don’t communicate much. When I brought these case to all of their mutual attention I was basically told to “f*%&-off”.

8. How convinced are you that a Canadian did it? For some reason, I think it could very well be an American who has a connection to your area. (Maybe a member of the military who hunts on weekends?)

I’m not convinced at all! Just because 50 people who have access to a computer say it’s a Canadian doesn’t make it so (survey).

9. Did your sister know Louise Camirand?

Not to my knowledge.


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