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Ok, this is as polite as I can be… the Surete du Quebec and I are currently at odds. The police don’t typically get information to act on. Usually it’s me that gets tips (kooky or not, usually thru this site, and all of it is appreciated). I pass it on to the SQ to investigate. Currently they are claiming a “backlog” of work. Information I gave them three months ago they have not been able to act on.

Look… I work for the government; I know a bureaucratic excuse when I hear one.

So here, in very general terms, is a summary of some of the information I have passed on to the police in the last three years:

1. Patricia Pearson and I believed a federal inmate at Archenbault (currently serving a “life” sentence for murder) may have murdered Theresa. The SQ did a good job on this one. They talked to officers from other jurisdictions, attempted to plant “moles” in prison, confronted the suspect and interrogated him in a long session. Their determination is that he did not murder Theresa.

2. A guy from Sherbrooke had a a habit of taking family members to the site where Theresa’s body was found. This guy also was known to have the occasional beer with the father of Louise Camirand (the bar was located within walking distance from where kids hitch-hiked from Champlain College to the residence at Compton). IN ADDITION… this guy worked with a local kid who turned up dead in the winter of 1979. He was last seen at the Bishop’s / Champlain pub. His body was found in a snow bank on campus, within walking distance from where “the guy” lived. The cause of death was never determined, though police tried to paint it as drunkenness and exposure. The SQ talked to “the guy”. In their estimation he didn’t commit any murders.

3. There’s “a guy” who was interviewed in 1978 in relation to Theresa’s death. According to the SQ this guy has a “controlled alibi” (I don’t know what that means). In 1979 he was working in social assistance. Two weeks after Theresa’s body was found a co-worker commented to him, “gee, isn’t that weird about that Theresa Allore girl”. The guy immediately began to blugeon her with a hammer. The family of the co-worker is convinced “he did it”. The police stick with the controlled alibi theory.

4. Another “guy”: This guy is serving a life sentence in British Columbia for the murder of a 15-ish girl. In 1978 – 1980-ish this guy lived in Montreal, and frequently traveled through Lennoxville and Compton to vacation. He is a sexual predator. I have acquired this guys parole request sheets and passed them on to the SQ (in November). The SQ claims they haven’t had time to follow up.

Is that enough information for you? Are we having fun yet?

“Are you not entertained?”

(no sympathy; this is a tremenous load off my chest)


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