The Who Killed Theresa survey

So here are the responses (there were 50) with my comments in blue:

Who KIlled Theresa?

64% of you believe a Canadian serial killer murdered Theresa.

American serial killer: 8.3%

Drifter: 8.3%

Rogue Cop: 4.2%

Champlain College teacher: 2.1%

And interestingly not one of you that a Champlain student did it.

Other culprits (12.5%): “Campus Director Bill Matson” (I like that one), “Her ex-boyfriend who moved out west” (only he moved before she was murdered, and I knew Vlad, trust me, he didn’t do it.)

Who is most to blame for the faulty investigation?

Quebec Police: 70.8%

Champlain Administration: 12.5%

Nobody’s Fault: 2.1%

Community: 0%

Other: 14.6% Those in the “other” category felt all were equally to blame.

Should federal authorities launch a public inquiry into the deaths of Manon Dube, Theresa Allore and Louise Camirand?

62% of you felt yes, the Quebec police need to be investigated.

Other: (12.5%): But here is my favorite response: “Hire an investigator to research [campus director] Bill Matson’s life history” Good point, you know he was a former US Army intelligence officer.

Crime in Canada is:

Not as bad as the States: 54.2%

About the same as the States: 29.2%

Much worse than the States: 4.2%

Other: 12.5%: “not investagated to the same extent”

“Crime is worse being that the police protect property and businesses over life and liberty of the people who live there “

I am most concerned about:

Domestic Violence: 12.5%

Assault and Rape: 35.4%

Gun Violence: 10.4%

Random Violence: 20.8%

Other: 20.8%: I like this response: “for the love of god John. Can you decide which is worse? I can’t. All hurt. “

How did you hear about Who Killed Theresa?

Friend: 6.1%

Search Engine: 28.6%

Referral: 22.4%

Newspaper: 16.3%

Other: 26.5%:

What is your area of interest?

Kind of a boring question, most of you said True Crime (geeks).

Where are you located?

North Carolina: 13.3%

Quebec: 24.4%

Ontario: 13.3%

B.C.: 2.2%

New York: 2.2%

Other: 44.4%: (Mainly all over the U.S. and Canada)

What do you like about this blog?

Updates on Theresa Allore case: 47.8% Ok, I’ll give updates, but some of it is tricky… I can’t name names. Should I just say, “Mr. X” and “Madame Y”?

Nobody was interested in too much else.

Comments (28.3%): Ok most of you liked it all. I like this comment:

” think this blog takes up way to much of you time, life and thoughts. You should be spending that time “living” instead of in front of a computer screen! ” True enough, but I don’t blog as much as you may think. I’ve got kids… I play, I go on bike rides and stuff. I saw a movie last week?

Future Directions:

You’re split on biligual posts 30% want them, 30% don’t.

44% say more photos is important. Do you mean family photos, or what?

No one gives a rats ass about audio blogging (well, one person did)

And no one really wants another survey.


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