Little things that fester

Last week I talked with the investigator (Benoit) assigned to Theresa’s case. In a nutshell he said, yes he’s received recent leads I’ve sent him, but he hasn’t had the time to follow up.

Some of this information I gave him over two months ago. Much of what I receive are tips from readers of this blog, our people who have read or seen reports on Theresa’s murder and give me names of possible suspects.

Now I understand this matter is not a priority, and the police have many, MANY more current issues to attend to, but to let the momentum atrophy after all the awareness that has been created is just offensive.

Last night I did something I’m not proud of, but I felt I was left no choice. I sent a flame email to Benoit criticizing the SQ (again) for their lack of follow-up. I “copied” about a dozen reporters, etc… on the email (childish, I know).

I’m in a corner, I know. The truth is no journalist is going to write about this and give it the attention that will get the police moving again. The story has been told, there are no new developments, just little leads, and the media have juicier things to write about like “Where’s Karla” and “Did the Pig Farmer have Special Feed”.

So that’s what’s bothering me.


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