The Cowboy Way

Is Brokeback Mountain a date movie? Beats me, but that’s what we went to see last night. This movie is controversial in the way that Last Tango in Paris raised such a fuss in the 70s; while everyone who didn’t see it was focusing on the butter, they failed to catch Brando’s last great performance of a long, great career.

Last Tango in Paris

Heath Ledger gives his first great performance; and I hope his career has longevity. It was fun to come home and catch him on the tv in that Mel Gibson Revolutionary war movie – I hardly recognized him.

So… gay cowboys… Yes, I found it heartbreaking. My wife didn’t get it. She wanted to know more about how they became gay (hey, with a name like Jack Twist I’d say he was destined for queerdom).

Jack Twist

About Brando and date movies. I remember my parents going out to see Tango in the theaters when I was a kid. I was a bit confused because I thought the movie was called The Last Tank in Paris and I couldn’t see my mom agreeing to see a World War II yarn.

My mistake.

Back to Brokeback. I would love to see the screen tests for the fellers’ who tried out for this. Who would make the worst pairing? My vote? Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson.

Here come cowboys.


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