Grieving and in support of “my brother”

CBC News
The Boisvenu family in Sherbrooke is once again grieving the death of a daughter. Isabelle Boisvenu died in a car accident in the Verendrye nature reserve Thursday morning.

She is the younger sister of Julie Boisvenu, who was raped and murdered near a bar in Sherbrooke three years ago.

Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu cried Friday morning as he spoke to journalists about the death of his daughter.

He found out late Thursday that Isabelle, 26, died after her car crashed on a highway in Abitibi.
Losing one daughter is hard, he said, but losing two daughters is like being robbed.

Boisvenu says that, after Julie was murdered three years ago, Isabelle had been a rock of support. She worked with him after he organized the Murdered or Missing Persons’ Families’ Association (MMPFA), and she supported his cause.

She was more than a daughter. She was a colleague, he says.

Boisvenu says he believes now more than ever in the work he does. Grieving families need support, he says.

The funeral for Isabelle will be held after the holiday season.


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