My grandfather on my father’s side was a great man…

A life-long member of the Knights of Columbus, a singer and actor, hockey player and hunter, member of the town bowling team, devout Roman Catholic, sustainer of the Allore Lumber Company of Trenton, Ontario.

For Christmas we always gave him a pack of Wrigley’s, because he was never without it (my daughter now owns stock in Wrigley’s and every xmas she receives a box gratis).

My last memory of him is the day I learned Theresa had died. We were in Trenton, visiting for the Easter holiday. I remember walking in his house and seeing him and Nan crying on the couch.

There are few things I’ve inherited from his estate. But one item makes me laugh. It is a plaque with a deer on it and a poem called “Hunter’s Luck”. It goes like this:

Every year I go to hunt,
I hope to have some luck.
I dream of all the steaks I’ll have
When I get my buck.

I walk and walk, then sit awhile
So far, a steakless day.
Behind me, a whistle, then a snort, –
The buck went


Love it. My brother got the other plaque which hangs prominently in his kitchen, displaying the following nick-nack wisdom:

We get too soon old
and too late smart.

Words to live by.


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