Sue asked about the current state of Theresa’s investigation…

I just finished a big public policy paper for school so I have a little time to address this.

Yes, there is a current investigation, but it’s slow going. Theresa’s case has had the same investigator for about two years now (after being bounced around to several different investigators). The investigation is based out of the Montreal office of the Surete du Quebec. No, they don’t work on it full time, but you have to see it from the police’s point of view.

1. There is more pressure on the police to solve current crimes as these appear to be a more dangerous and immediate threat to the community.

2. The number of leads and suspects in Theresa’s case is dwindling. If I’m given some information, the current Surete have been very quick and thorough to pursue it, but leads have dried up. A couple of suspects were vigorously looked at and cleared (more on that when I get some time – it’s a lot of information, maybe a project for the Christmas holidays). Last week I sent the police some information on a new suspect and I have no doubt they will track it down. They have been very cooperative in the last few years.

But let’s be realistic, we’re soon going to reach the point (if we’re not there already) where the police will have done all they can do.


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