A few words about the remarks concerning the pictures

I’m glad you like them. I have more and I will put them on the blog shortly.

Finding the place where Theresa’s body was discovered: yes, it’s very difficult. It took me a LONG time to figure this out. When I asked my parents they directed me to a completely different road, my brother had the right road but the wrong spot (memory is a funny thing). I eventually got hold of the original crime scene map drawn by a Surete du Quebec officer that pin-pointed the exact location.

So… if you are in Compton, head back toward Lennoxville and take a LEFT at chemin de la station. drive West down into the valley. The spot is not the first bridge, but the second bridge. On your right is a pond (bog?). The third tree on the West bank is the spot.

To the other reader who left a comment: You are quite right, it is odd that the police would discount the eye-witness account of Theresa on the stairs. But I think you have to understand police mentality. Because the sighting wasn’t varified by a second person it is hard for them to give it credence. On the other hand, Sharon Buzzee’s account is compelling. She doesn’t account any conversation, but a conversation specific to that weekend (the BIG football game, the fact that Theresa was not traveling to Hemingford to stay with a friend that weekend (an event that only happened the weekend of November 3rd).

And there’s this; when I contacted Sharon Buzzee in 2002 – after over 20 years since she last talked about this event – the first thing out of her mouth was, “yes, I’m sure I talked to Theresa on the staircase at 9:00 pm on the night of November 3, 1978”.

Also, the commenter is correct; it was completely Patricia Pearson’s theory that Theresa may have left the residence to buy cigarettes. As for walking alone? One week prior, Theresa was observed doing just that, walking alone to Entre Deux for cigarettes (the account is detailed in a student’s statement to the Surete du Quebec).

We all love a mystery. This one keeps me guessing.


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