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This is the corner of Belvedere and highway 147 in the town of Sherbrooke (from the vantage point of the Lion pub). Police believe if Theresa was hitchhiking back to her residence the night she disappeared, then she was probably picked up on this corner (just in front of the bank).

This is Gillard House, the residence where Theresa was living in Compton – 13 kilometers from the town of Lennoxville where she was attending school at Champlain College.

King’s Hall, the main residence at Compton which is adjacent to Gillard House (it is unfortunate that the place looks like the hotel in The Shining). For a while it operated as a resort hotel, but now it is abandoned.

This is the main staircase inside King’s Hall. A student, Sharon Buzzee stated that she talked to Theresa on these stairs at approximately 9:00 pm on the night she disappeared. Police doubt this claim and believe Theresa never made it back to the residence.

This was once a pub called Entre Deux in the village of Compton, about 1/2 mile from the King’s Hall residence. Theresa often came down here for cigarettes or the occasional beer. She might have been doing just that the night she disappeared and got picked up along the way.

This is Belevedere road just outside of Sherbrooke. Theresa’s wallet was found by the guardrail in the Spring of 1979 about a week after her body was found.

Theresa’s wallet.

Much was made of this ticket stub in the National Post article. I found it tucked in the back of the wallet. The title “Crime & Punishment” had some guessing it was a clue sent by the killer. We later learned that Theresa did in fact attend a performance of this play at the Centaur theater in Montreal when she was in high school.

Theresa’s body was found in this water near this tree. The bridge is “chemin de la station”, connecting Compton with Compton Station.

Theresa with a friend.


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