Lion d’or

Today is my brother’s birthday. He is forty-five. I was thinking about this story he told me recently. On his eighteenth birthday, November 1st, 1978, he was celebrating on the Champlain College campus at a little local pub called the Lion. Eventually, Theresa showed up and gave him an Adidas bag for his birthday present. Inside was a bottle of Tequila and a half-dozen limes. She taught him how to do Tequila shots.

The Lion pub, Lennoxville Quebec

That was one of the last times he saw her. In forty-eight hours she would be dead.

Now here’s another funny story I didn’t learn about until a few years ago. About a week previous to that night Theresa was having a drink at the Lion when a palm reader came into the place. Being adventurous, Theresa had him do a reading. He said that she came from a close family, but that something very soon was going to happen to break us apart.


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