The S word

It took the National Post all of 24-hours to raise the possibility that Jennifer Teague’s murder might be the work of a serial killer.

What’s leading to this suspicion is the unsolved murder of Ardeth Wood, found in the brush in downtown Ottawa over two years ago. What’s missing from the discussion is the role of chief of police, Vince Bevan in all of this. Bevan promised that Wood’s killer would be caught. It didn’t happen (rumor has it the culprit was a well-known rapist who the police let slip out of town – hmmm… where have I heard that one before?).

Now you ask, Bevan? Where have I heard that name before? That’s right, Vince Bevan is the former head of the Green Ribbon Task Force responsible for Karla Homolka’s sweet plea bargain.

Two years ago, in a letter to the Ottawa Citizen, I called into question the abilities of Chief Bevan to solve the Wood murder. My letter was refused on the grounds that it might “traumatize” the community. Here is an excerpt from the Citizen’s reply:

“Now is not the time to question the competence or dedication of the investigators. We have our news team on the story, of course, and they will be quick to report any foot-dragging or incompetence on the part of Vince Bevan and his major crime squad. But your article, even though it speaks also to larger issues of victims’ rights, seems to pre-judge our law enforcement. It’s a bit early, for that, I feel– though of course your piece might become more relevant later on.

My question to the Citizen is this:

It’s been two years, and another young girl has been murdered, the police still haven’t solved the first murder. So is it okay to question the competence of investigators now?


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