Waiting to take my daughter for a Rollarblade lesson…

I found out they’ll be doing skating this winter in PE class: no self-respecting Canadian will ever let his child down in this department.

Oh, about that scholarship… please note, it’s not a lot of money so don’t go assuming I am flush. Let’s just say it will cover the cost of my books ( a fair chunk-o-change).

Speaking of books… Dang those things are expensive!

And what’s with Professors assigning text that they themselves deem useless? This is the second course I’ve taken where the teacher’s said something like, “Well, everyone agrees this book isn’t very good, but we’re going to use it anyway…”

Huh? I just paid a hundred bucks for a doorstop? What’s up with that?

Then they have the nerve to tell you they’ve been assigning the same half-assed text for the past seven years.

I got an idea, why not get up off your lazy-ass and write a good book.

That’s just my rant for the day. The flip side is the lectures are always good. (yes, yes… you’re good teachers, I enjoy you very much.)


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