I don’t think I’ve read anything quite like this in the American papers:

“They should have been here days ago,” said 46-year-old Michael Levy as he lined up in the extreme heat to get water.

“We’ve been sleeping on the ground like rats. I say burn this whole … city down.” His words were echoed by those around him, who yelled: “Hell, yeah!”

The commander of the troops promised to restore order as survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder.

At the city’s convention centre where thousands had sought refuge, Trolkyn Joseph, 37, said men had wandered around raping and murdering children.

She said she found a dead 14-year-old girl at 5am yesterday, four hours after she went missing inside the convention centre.

“She was raped for four hours until she was dead,” Ms Joseph said through tears.

“Another child, a seven-year-old boy, was found raped and murdered in the kitchen freezer last night.”

Residents said babies, the frail and the elderly had died waiting for food.

from the Australian news service


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