Other than Hurricane stuff, I admit my posts have been thin lately. Truth is, I’ve been busy with work and school.

I’m about into my third week of classes. It keeps me busy and I like it. Public Policy so far has been all about cost benefit analysis, or cost effective analysis (CB and CE). Professor Swiss has been very good. There are about 30 people in my class. They are all graduate students and they all look VERY much younger than me.

Statistics for Behavioral Science is quite different. About 75 students; all graduates, most much older than me.

And if I may say, not the sharpest tools in the shed. Remember that old SCTV sketch, The Half-Wits? That’s my class. I’ve befriended the Physics PhD and the Chinese Business major. We stay huddled together and mostly silent.

I’ve already had two quizes and I completed my first essay (the class is big on homework).
This week we’ve been focusing on Probability t\Theory. For most, this entails the likelihood that college age females will be over 68″, but for me probability is a subject of deeper, personal meaning. In fact I sit there in class and sometimes I find the whole thing downright creepy.


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