Something Old, Something New

The murder of strippers whose bodies are on the outskirts is nothing new to Quebec. This has been going on with little attention for at least 30 years.

In 1977, the body of 19-year-old Nicole Lanouette was found in a shallow grave outside Trois Rivieres. Lanouette, a stripper, disappeared from a nightclub in Longueuil.

Also in 1977, go-go dancer, Diane Malouin’s body was found floating in the Saint Lawrence river. She had been decapitated. Malouin worked for the “Ben-Art” agency and was apparently trying to get out of her contract.

Again from 1977… Claude Lafortune shot exotic dancer, Violette Barette because he “detested her habit of listening to music too loud”.

In 1978, after an evening of sex, booze and cocaine Raymond Fernandez, Johnny Facchino and Antonio Facchino beat and strangled 17-year-old exotic dancer, Anne Pharand and left her body in a downtown Montreal alley.

What I do find surprising (and gratifying) about the murders of Steven Wright and Mark Kraynak (and these are murders, no one wanders to the edge of a quarry) is all the media attention these cases are getting.

If this had been a female stripper, would it have made the front page?


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  1. what you are doing is incredible im sorry about your sister.. Anne pharand was my aunt and my mother is brought to tears still today thank you for the acknoledgement that she was more than another number.good luck i hope you get justice.

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