Oh how the mind wonders…

So I’m sitting in my three hour statistics class when it suddenly occurs to me that I dreamed about Theresa last night (a rare event – and can you blame me for daydreaming?).

Get this… I’m in Montreal visiting my brother and suddenly she just shows up. No explanation of where she’s been for 27 years. She won’t tell us where she’s living. Only that she has a job as a secretary, but her boss is threatening to fire her unless she learns to master Microsoft Excel. I offer to tutor her, and run to find my laptop (anything to keep her from disappearing again). I come back and she let’s it slip that she’s been living in Philadelphia. “Philadelphia,” I say “that’s great! I can give you a ride home when I go back to North Carolina.”

Then I wake up.

Go figure.

Still, it was nice to see her again.


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