Since they are rebroadcasting the show on Theresa tonight and tomorrow, and since I saw it previously in March, I thought I’d offer up some observations on the program:

– The home movies of Theresa really hit deep. Yes, I have the tape, but I rarely look at it.

– The show makes it look like my brother and I have been on a twenty-five year voyage of discovery. It’s not true. For twenty-some years this matter was dead to us, we moved on. It was not until much later (when we had children of our own), that Theresa came back into our lives.

– The program leaves out the very important contributions of then journalist – and now best-selling author – Patricia Pearson. Patricia was my former girlfriend who I called on for assistance. She wrote the original piece, Who Killed Theresa for the National Post.

I did not seek out Kim Rossmo. Rossmo came into the mix because he and Patricia were colleagues. Patricia was also the first person to suggest that my sister’s death was the work of a serial sexual predator. We remain friends, in fact she called me on Friday (P, sorry I did not get back to you).

– I am grateful for the contributions of Suzanne Derome, Leo Hamel, Michael Benazon and Kim Rossmo to this program.

– I think I come of as a lunatic in this broadcast, thank god for the balance my brother Andre provided.

– This is one of the rare occasions where you will observe my mother’s eyes. For the last number of years she has worn dark sunglasses. She says it’s because her eyes have become sensitive, but I know it goes beyond that. When we hugged goodbye after a recent visit in Montreal, I saw the tears streaming down her cheek.

– Theresa would never want anyone to mourn her memory: Learn from it and move on.


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