Highs and Lows from Atlanta

Some light blogging from the NOVA conference…

The opening ceremonies were interesting (the highlight being a tribute to Marlene Young who is retiring as Executive Director after thirty years).

The first session offered a panel on international victimology initiatives with speakers from Rwanda, the Netherlands and Mexico. Wonderful, but why wasn’t anyone in the room?

Ladies, you can’t wait one afternoon before doing your big city shopping?

My presentation was a bit of a bust. Everyone who attended were Canadians (people, you already know this stuff).

The highlight came when Catherine Kane from the Policy Centre corrected me on my statement that said centre was, in fact, a permanent fixture; it was just their budget that was vulnerable to cancellation.

Catherine, how long do you think you’d survive without $$$$?

And while we’re on the subject, why was I (an American) the only one representing Canada at the North American Victims Conference? The Policy Centre couldn’t shill out the dough to do a presentation?


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