Shanna Poissant:

Did an anonymous comment on a blog help break a murder case?

This from Is That Legal.

Also, I’ll share with you what I shared with Eric:

“Last Thursday, July 21st I blogged the Gazette story about the disappearance of Shanna Poissant. Overnight someone left the anonymous comment. On either Friday afternoon or sometime Saturday morning I forwarded the comment to investigators I know with the Surete du Quebec and asked them to pass the tip along to the Hemmingford investigators (I did not save a copy of that email, but I copied two journalists I know on it; one from the Montreal Gazette and one from the Sherbrooke Record)

In that email I suggested that police were probably already on-to Kurt Lauder (you NEVER want the SQ to believe they didn’t think of something first), but that this information might corroborate what they were already investigating.

Was the anonymous tip what led to the arrest? Maybe. Doubtful? We’ll never know. Even if it was, the Quebec police would NEVER admit it.

I think it’s enough to say that the anonymous tip was “bang-on”, and was given a full five days before the arrest.”


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