To the Organizers of the Montreal Film Festival:

Allow me to express my extreme disappointment in your decision to premiere the movie Karla at this years Montreal World Film Festival. Your festival has been an honored event in Montreal for over twenty-six years. Though in recent years you have been forced to compete with other municipal events for market share, this new attempt to attracted attention to your festival is an unfortunate act of desperation on your part.

My quarrel is not with the film itself, but rather your complete lack of judgment in deciding to promote it. Your thoughtlessness not only dishonors the memory of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristin French, but is a disgrace to all victims and secondary victims of homicide, of whom I am one.

I strongly urge all government sponsors of the Festival, including the Government of Canada, Heritage Canada, Telefilm, the National Film Board, the Government of Quebec, Tourisme Quebec, the Quebec Minister of Culture, the City of Montreal, and all private sponsors, including Air Canada, Visa Canada, AGF, Hyatt Montreal, Loto Quebec, Famous Players Canada, La Presse, Tele-Quebec to consider retracting their support until such time as you decide to pull this film from your festival line-up.

I hope you will reconsider your decision, and I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


John Allore

Frère de Theresa Allore, assassinée au Quebec en 1978
Member, Association des Familles de Personnes Assassinées ou Disparues du Québec (l’AFPAD),
Board member, Canadian Association for Victim Assistance (CAVA)


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