I had a really good day

My friend Michael from work has been the one who has been pushing me to run with him during lunch in Durham. Michael’s one of these “Wellness” fanatics. (Actually, now that I think of it, I believe he’s on to something.)

Anyway, we had a going-away party today at the City for an employee who is moving along to greener pastures. So Michael was sitting down enjoying a piece of cake with Councilman Howard Clement, and this gave me an opportunity to sit down with Howard and get to know him a little better.

If you don’t know Howard, he is the institutional memory of Durham. He used to practice law, and moved from South Carolina to work at NC Mutual – the guy is living history, and a delight. So that was a treat.

Then I went and played hockey, and I want to tell you; running twenty miles this week really paid off. It never felt so effortless. I never got winded, my legs were strong. It felt like being a kid again it was so much fun.


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