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DA Drops Murder Charges Against Dalzell

Eyewitness News
(06/10/05 — HILLSBOROUGH) — Prosecutors announced Friday that they were dropping second-degree murder charges against Andrew Dalzell.

Dalzell was accused in the 1997 murder of Deborah Key. Her body has not been found.
The development comes after a judge in January ruled that Dalzell’s confession to Key’s murder had to be thrown out. He said he strangled the woman and threw her body in a Wilmington Dumpster.

But a judge said Carrboro police violated Dalzell’s rights after showing him a fake arrest warrant and death penalty warning. The judge also said officers misled Dalzell about the charges he was facing and did not take him before a magistrate as soon as possible.

“There was a ruling that in this case deception went too far,” Orange County District Attorney Jim Woodall said. “I’m not arguing with that ruling. I just want to point out that courts in North Carolina and across the United States have said that police officers can use deception. In this case, I believe the Carrboro police officers did this with the best of intentions.”

Dalzell still faces unrelated charges. A jury was never seated in the murder case, and prosecutors have the right to bring back the murder charges.

VIDEO: DA Drops Murder Charges Against Dalzell
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