Freaky Friday

Man, what is going on? So I just got a call from a producer at CNN. They’re going to be in Chapel Hill next week and wondered if I’d do an interview about Jim S for the Nancy Grace show:

“Oh, did Nancy get my letter?”

“Ahh, no I haven’t seen it yet, I hope it was complimentary?”

“No it wasn’t.”


“It was about how I hoped in the coming months she wouldn’t exploit the pain of this family.”

Oh, well I’ll have to look out for it… as you know, Nancy herself is a victim and is always acting in the interest of victims.”

(ya, I just bet she is)

Anyway, I won’t be interviewed for CNN. Here is my letter I sent to Nancy Grace two weeks ago:

Ms. Grace,

Last night while watching your program I saw you make what I consider to be an appalling gesture in reference to the Sapikowski murders: A cocksure movement of your hands, as if to be reloading a shotgun.

While such theatrics may serve your interest, I’m am sure as a human being you will understand that they do nothing in the interest of the Sapikowski family, who at this time is suffering greatly.

I knew Jim well. Also, my sister was murdered, and currently I devote a lot of my time working with people who have suffered loss through murder. The process of victimization for the survivors begins after the loss, and can be greatly exacerbated by the media, who unwittingly can often do things that seem completely logical for their desire to serve a story, but are wholly destructive for survivors.

I would ask you to keep in mind that there are survivors here, especially Jim and Alison’s daughter, now orphaned; she does not deserve the indifference of a callous and uncaring media.

You will undoubtedly be covering this story for some time to come. Keep you desire for sensation in check, remember your humanity – which I know you have. None of us in the community of Chapel Hill deserve to see the Sapikowskis destroyed any further than they are already grieving.

I thank you for your consideration. (this message is private and not intended for broadcast or commentary)

John Allore


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