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Father demonstrates at hearing
Homolka, murderer developed relationship in Ste. Anne des Plaines prison

The Gazette
June 3, 2005

Christian Carretta, father of the woman Karla Homolka’s alleged sexual correspondent murdered, talks to the media outside the Joliette courthouse yesterday during a break in Homolka’s hearing. “Homolka got away lucky,” Carretta said.

Christian Carretta found out on Wednesday that the man who killed his daughter was getting cozy with Karla Homolka.

So he made certain to appear next day at the hearing that would decide how closely she would be watched once freed.

“I feel implicated in this,” Carretta said yesterday at the Joliette courthouse. “I want my daughter’s killer to be closely monitored, so the same should go for Homolka.”

Jean-Paul Gerbet, 38, is serving a life sentence for the murder on Feb. 10, 1998, of Cathy Carretta, his former girlfriend.

Gerbet was convicted in November 1999 of strangling Carretta at the Laval home she shared with her father, then transporting her body to a chalet belonging to the family in St. Charles de Mandeville.

Gerbet and Cathy Carretta met at a wedding of a mutual relative in Paris in June 1997, and Gerbet moved to Canada soon afterward.

Carretta broke off the relationship a few months later, but Gerbet continued to pursue her at work, on the street and at her father’s home.

He copied her home key after Carretta asked him to return the original.

Homolka met Gerbet during her stay at the Ste. Anne des Plaines maximum security institution between March 2001 and May 2003. She was transferred there after the publication of photos of her at a Joliette prison birthday party caused public outrage.

The two struck up a correspondence that was closely monitored by correctional authorities and rumours swirled that they planned to get married.

In 2003, the parole board described their relationship as one that had rapidly gone from affectionate to sexual and used the correspondence in its argument against granting Homolka parole.

“Homolka got away lucky,” Christian Carretta said. “She should have got at least 15 years. Now I just want her to move to the Ontario countryside and disappear.”

Carretta is one of the founding members of Quebec’s Association des familles de personnes assassinees ou disparues, the group run by Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, father of Julie Boisvenu, who was raped and murdered in 2002 in Sherbrooke.

Although Gerbet is not a Canadian citizen and will probably be deported to France on his release, Carretta’s family have expressed concern for their safety.

“I am … worried about my own safety,” Cathy’s sister Christine wrote on a blog maintained by John Allore, whose own sister was killed near Compton in April 1979. “What safety measures are in place by the government to assure my protection once he is out? What he did out of vengeance to Cathy he can do to me.”

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