No surprises here, only profound sadness:

Robert Pickton faces 12 new charges

Last updated May 25 2005 12:43 PM MDT
CBC News

NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. – Accused serial killer Robert William Pickton faces 12 new first-degree murder charges, Crown prosecutors in British Columbia announced Wednesday.

The new charges include the death of Cindy Feliks, a woman whose stepmother lives in Calgary.

Feliks, was 43 when she disappeared in the fall of 1997. Four years after her disappearance, and after pressure from her family, police added her name to the list of woman missing from downtown Vancouver.

Pickton, a former Port Coquitlam pig farmer, had already been charged with first-degree murder in the cases of 15 women who had gone missing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside during the 1980s and ’90s.

The 55-year-old Pickton, who appeared in a New Westminster courtroom via videolink to hear the new charges, now faces a total of 27 first-degree murder charges.

The names of the victims in the latest indictment include:

Cindy Feliks
Marnie Frey
Tiffany Drew
Sarah de Vries
Angela Jardine
Diana Melnick
Debra Jones
Wendy Crawford
Kerry Koski
Andrea Borhaven
Cara Ellis
Jane Doe (remains of woman found on farm but not identified)

Pickton was arrested in February 2002 after a police raid on his property and has been in custody since.

Investigators wrapped up a huge excavation of the property in November 2003.

Vancouver police continue to investigate the disappearances of more than 60 women from the city’s Downtown Eastside.


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