With a Whimper…

Listen… you can hear the paper being flushed down the toilet…

No, not the Qur’an, I’m talking about $104 million that the FBI spent on a Virtual Case File system that will never be used.

Yes, it’s official. According to yesterday’s Government Computer News, Agency director Robert Mueller quietly pulled the plug on VCF stating, “I am tremendously disappointed that we did not come through on Virtual Case File.”

Disappointed? Disappointed is how I feel when I don’t get my Christmas bonus; tossing $104 million down the shitter? That’s a Ginormous Cluster-Fuck.

“I only need this much more money.”

What’s worse, no one seems to care. The only one reporting this story is Government Computer News (circulation: me).

(For more info, see my post on VCS back on March 19)

So what will replace VCF? The FBI doesn’t know. But they do have a nifty name: Sentinel.

That’s right, There’s no specs, the project hasn’t been put out for bid, there isn’t even a project manager… but there’s a name…


Sentinel: It’s either a government records management tool, or a bad seventies horror movie starring Burgess Meredith.

Not even the FBI knows for sure.


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