I found something to knock me out of all this doom-and-gloom…

It’s called:

EC 205
Fundamentals of Economics

I can’t believe I’m going to subject myself to eight-hours of this stuff a week for the next ten weeks.

Wait, it gets better, here’s the course description:

Fundamental ideas in economics: scarcity, substitution, opportunity cost, marginal analysis, gross domestic product, real and nominal magnitudes. Supply and demand analysis. Microeconomic analysis of pricing in competitive and noncompetitive markets. Macroeconomic analysis of production, employment, the price level, and inflation. Monetary and fiscal policy and the stabilization of the economy. Comparative advantage and international trade.

Now what’s really, really sad is I went to the first class tonight and I actually liked it. I think I’ve definitely achieved middle-age if I can say that I’d rather be going to a class in economics then, say…

listening to these guys.


Or are the two one and the same thing?


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