The Jim Sapikowski Stick and Puck Challenge

What it wasn’t

A media circus (thank god). Though a reporter from the Associated Press and a crew from ABC Eyewittness News did show up. The woman from the Associated Press was nice and respectful, but we marveled at the audacity of the producer from Eyewittness News who strutted into the dressing room like he owned the place (we just ignored him).

Fear and Loathing…

The AP woman commented that this whole thing was only going to get worse. They will be covering this case for years. She herself had been specifically assigned to the Triangle for the next three months to cover things.

What it was

Business as usual. A regular stick and puck game. The end of a long week, and the chance to blow off some steam. No one was heavy or depressed. The whole thing was light and buoyant. Yes, we talked about Jim, but in the privacy of the bench, or center ice – where there was no fear that our words would be twisted. It was all fun. Everyone was laughing and having a good time. That’s how Jim played, so I guess that’s how we wanted to play one for him.


At eleven o’clock I was channel surfing and I caught a glimpse of Jim’s face, followed by Adam in in an orange jump suit, followed by Nancy Grace making – what I can only identify as – an obscene gesture, as if to cock a shotgun. (why is it that Nancy Grace always has that look on her face like she’s perpetually sniffing shit? Maybe it’s the life she leads).

Anyway, a little later I caught Jeremy speaking on the 11 o’clock local news, calling Jim a mentor, saying how much Jim had taught him about the game.


In the coming months, let’s keep in mind the words of Bill Moyers (via Sally Greene, via Ed Cone) and pray that the media refrain from publicity:

“. . . news is what people want to keep hidden; everything else is publicity.”


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