My response to Andrew Dalzell’s mother:

Ms. Mullen,

I believe I have been more than impartial regarding your son, Andrew Dalzell. I’ve received several correspondences documenting far worse behavior from Andrew, but in the interest of keeping things objective, I have been careful never to publish them (would you like me to broadcast emails from 14 year old girls who were preyed on by Andrew?)

Regarding Chief Hutchison and Detective Lau…. I’ve hardly painted them as heroes, if anything they come off as what they are; dedicated – not obsessed – but with faults (just like humanity).

Ms. Mullen, you were not there when I watched a cadaver dog light on a spot in the crawl space under your former house… We all knew what that meant – not just the SBI agent who stood there, jaw agape.

I certainly understand, as a parent, your need to defend your son. But I don’t think you know Andrew as well as you pretend to say you do.

John A 05.12.05 – 10:27 am #


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