The mother of Andrew Dalzell, accused of murdering Deborah Key posts some strong words to my comment that I lived in a house with a dead body in it:

No, you didn’t. Not even the police are saying that. Apparently, you’d rather believe the obsession of one police officer than realize that there are no solid facts to back up what he says. He has lied on more than one occasion, it’s clear that he feels that being honest lies only on one side of the police-criminal paradigm. I’m not just talking about how he handled Andrew’s arrest, but many of the things that you have broadcast that are blatently twisted to conform with his theories.

I was living in that house and trust me no one was killed there; as you pointed out Andrew is not that neat; and incapable of cleaning up well enough to remove all physical evidence, especially his car. Just for the record, when did early fifties translate to elderly widow? I would wish that you used the same high standards you display in grad school and other venues to get your facts straight before you publish items as fact that are actually hearsay.

Juanita Mullen 05.12.05 – 8:43 am #

Apart from the reply I posted in the comments section, I just have this to add…

Nothing – not one little thing – did I embellish when I wrote the post, Bad Dream House.


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