Fun Friday

10 reasons why I love The EELS:

1. Novocaine for the Soul is one-hell of a debut.

2. Along side George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, Electro Shock Blues is one of the finest records about letting-go.

3. Cancer for the Cure scares the shit out of me.

4. It’s a MotherFucker offended George Bush.

5. The song Daisies of the Galaxy is heart-stopping-beautiful.

6. Teenage Witch… that scares me too. (why does E look like The Unabomber on the cover of Souljacker?)

7. World of Shit… E actually references The Beatles, Baby you’re a Rich Man.

8. What Is This Note… Butch actually does the Bonham shuffle!

9. The Object is funky, funky funky…

10. Ugly Love sounds like Waren Zevon, Randy Newman, and bitter Costello all rolled into one happy ball of fun.


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