NC State University


John J Allore
108 Cobblestone Drive
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Dear Mr. Allore,

I am pleased to notify you of your admission to the Graduate School. We look forward to having you join us and trust that you will find your experience here a rewarding one. Our records on your admission carry the following information:

Admission status: Full Admission
Major Degree: Public Administration – MR
Intended Term of enrollment: Fall 2005
Assistantship: Only Admission Requested
Tuition Classification: Resident

Registration: Your admission is for registration in a specific semester or summer term. If you wish to request a deferral of your admission, you must notify the graduate program to which you applied. Your program must then send a written request to the Graduate School asking that your admission date be changed. If this request is approved, you will receive an updated admission letter. Please note that admission may be deferred no more than one year beyond the original entry semester/year noted above. You have up to one year from original application submission date to request a deferral. Important information regarding registration is available at the following website:

Immunization Record and Report of Medical History: Please complete the Report of Medical History and Immunizations form located at Documentation Form.pdf as soon as possible and return them, along with the required supporting documents, to the NC State Student Health Services. (If you were enrolled in another degree program at NC State within the last year, you may simply update your existing “Immunization Record” and “Report of Medical History,” on file with the Student Health Services, during the first semester of your new graduate program.)

Transcripts: Please make sure that you have sent the Graduate School official transcripts of all coursework taken and all degrees awarded at any institution of higher learning that you have attended. If you are currently enrolled at such an institution, upon completion of your program there, you should ask the registrar to send the Graduate School an updated official transcript covering all work completed and a statement of any degree awarded, including the date awarded. All transcripts should be submitted prior to your enrollment at NC State. If they are not on file with the Graduate School by the end of your first semester here, you will not be permitted to register for your second semester.

Questions: If you have any questions about curriculum or financial awards (including assistantships), please contact the graduate program to which you applied. If you need housing information, please contact the University Housing Office at

If we can assist you with any other matters, please contact the Graduate School at phone 919.515.7954 or fax 919.515.2873. I look forward to your joining the graduate community here at NC State. An official original of this letter will be mailed to the address noted in the heading.

Very truly yours,

Robert S. Sowell, Dean


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