Apparently I’ve touched a raw – and somewhat unbalanced – nerve in one reader, Holly Desimone who blogs over at Fight For Justice.

Note the vitriol in the following comment:

Dear John, WAKE UP MAN, come back to the real world, if you think this is going to become law by 2007, your really not that smart! After our so called Prime Minister makes his 5 minutes of fame, calls an election, makes the next few months without another mess, we may be pass May. It will take them some time to pass the bill, let alone pay it! John a bit of knowledge, from me “it is not what you know, it is who you know”. John I thought you were smart enough to take STATS really not waste the time, money on studying criminal mind. If you could figure out the criminal mind you would be rich already! John if you want to be an advocate work on STATS, TO REALLY GET your VOICE IN CANADA!! If you want to fight crime. That will be my course of action if I was returning to school! oh right you live in the United States! Victims of Crime have NOVA. National Centre for Victims of Crime.

Attacking my ex-pat status… Ouch!

Look, The only real danger here is if the Liberals call an election and actually win. If we get a cabinet shuffle and McLellan gets replaced, then I agree – we’re (or you’re) up the creek. If the Tories squeak in, I think the bill will stay in play.

As for the rest of Holly’s message, I don’t quite know what to make of it. It’s acknowledged (mostly by Canadians) that the United States is about 20 years ahead of Canada in their victims services. Yes, we have NOVA. We also have a permanent office of victims of crime (from what I understand, Canada’s still chicken-scratching for a victims ombudsman.)

Now I can’t recollect the exact definition, but I think an ombudsman is a phenomenon that is quintessentially Canadian: Someone who listens attentively, AND DOES NOTHING.

Is there anything more Canadian than that.


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