Well, well, well… isn’t this interesting

(It was on Fox’ watch that Andrew Dalzell (who confesssed to the murder of Deborah Key) walked from prison)

Eveyone still primed to jump on the Carl Fox love-wagon?

Family of shooting victim to stage protest against Carl Fox

Herald Sun
Apr 8, 2005 : 6:09 pm ET

RALEIGH — Members of an Orange County family who feel that the shooting death of their relative, Billy Terrell, was improperly investigated will stage a protest today against the appointment of Carl Fox as a superior court judge.

The Terrell family claims that when Fox was district attorney in Orange and Chatham counties, he ignored evidence they collected that showed discrepancies surrounding the death of Terrell. The 25-year old was shot and killed during a fight with his girlfriend’s father, Tom Cooper, in December. The sheriff’s office and Fox ruled Cooper killed Terrell in self-defense and no charges were filed against Cooper.

Fox was appointed to the new judgeship last month.

The protest will run from noon until 4 p.m. in front of the governor’s mansion, on Blount Street.


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