Three Stories About Roch Gauldreault…

…the former SQ investigator who was assigned to the cases of Louise Camirand, Manon Dube and my sister, Theresa – the guy who still believes in the drug overdose theory.

1. Roch’s chief theory for why Theresa wasn’t the victim of a sex crime?

The bra and panties Theresa was found in were “undisturbed”, no rips, no tears, no signs of struggle.

2. Roch’s explanation of how Theresa’s wallet wound up 12 miles away from the body?

Wild animals carried it there.

3. What happened to Theresa’s clothes?

They came of in the water. It’s a well-established fact that clothes can come off a body that has been in water for a long period of time.

I’m not making this up.

Incidentally, Roch’s still in the detective game in Sherbrooke. If you need him to do any super-sleuthing, contact him at …

Enquetes Specialisee
or call 819-346-8563


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