The latest from ABC news…

ABC news reports sex offender registration in the United States is a flawed, inconsistent process.

Well, hell, I could have told you that. What good is a law with no enforcement mechanism? So John Couey neglects to register himself when he moves, so then what happens…


Let’s check out this here sex offender registry system…

First let’s go to the North Carolina Site:

North Carolina Sex Offender Registry

Ok, next I’m gonna search on my zip code, 27516

Look, I got fifteen hits! Fifteen bad guys live in my neighborhood!

So now lets have a look at these fellers’… that William Lee Fuchs, he looks like a bad egg…

Man… multiple convictions for indecent liberty with a minor, that’s bad!

Ok, so now I’m informed, I know where all the sex offenders live in my neighborhood.

So now…

what can I do about it?


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