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I have the flu so I’m staying home today (no, I’m not playing hooky so I can watch March Madness)…

Get a load of this nugget-of-joy I received yesterday:

… on Mar. 7, the Director General [Gerry Cutting of Champlain College] sent a letter to all staff members informing them of the [W-FIVE] program, mentioning that John has a plan to discredit the college, its employees and the Board of Governors, warning them not to make any comments to the media, and letting everyone know that Heenan and Blaikey have been hired to protect College interests and a national public relations firm engaged to help manage the media attack.

What weazels… ya, you wouldn’t want to be helpful to the case. Priority one is – of course (forever and ever amen) – the school’s reputation.

Anyway… about the only master plan I’ve been working on is how to get the kids in bed by eight so we can watch a movie tonight.

Then there are the tips…

Oh boy… yes, I’ve been getting tips (don’t get me wrong, they’re always helpful, and I am grateful for anything), but you have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The women who saw a scary movie and “had a feeling”, or the person who told me Albert DeSalvo did it?

That’s chaff.

Unfortunately, with the good leads, there’s no pattern… so I’ve got about 4 new suspects to look into and I don’t entirely trust the SQ with follow-through.

Anyone a private detective out there?


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