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First, on behalf of my brother and parents, I would like to thank all the people who have sent so many kind words of support….

Now I still have not seen the W-FIVE show (Sandy Roth is Fedexing it to me today), but a lot of people are asking the same questions, so I will attempt to answer some of them here:

1. First, an acknowledgement. It is my understanding that W-Five sort of paints the picture of Andre and me as “crime fighting brothers”. This makes me laugh (ok, I like it a little bit).

We had the assistance of many good people in investigating this matter, and I believe some of them went unmentioned, so I would like to give thanks here:

To begin with, the investigation could not have been done without the help of then National Post journalist, Patricia Pearson. In 2002, Patricia and I worked this matter side by side. At that time I never had contact with Kim Rossmo; it was through her assistance that the geographic profile was developed. As well, Patricia was responsible for the development of the first suspect. When other journalists turned down this story (The Montreal Gazette, you know who I’m talking about), Patricia championed it, and for that I owe her my gratitude.

As well there are many others who gave me confidence and support including Robert Buellac, the former private investigator who worked with my father in 78-79 and came to my aid in 2002 (sadly, Robert died last year); Jacques Taschereau who was the first French journalist to see the significance of this story and produced the first television report that appeared on Radio Canada’s Justice; Sharon McCully, the editor of The Sherbrooke Record who has always been available to guide me through the labyrinth of Townships politics. There are also many others, to whom I say thank you for your support and sustained diligence.

Some other matters:

Bikers: Yes, indeed, the Hells Angels bunker was located next to a Convent in Lennoxville-Sherbrooke. Over the years there was lots of speculation about Theresa’s death being Biker related. The gang rivalry in 1978 was similar to that in the 90s in Quebec – issues tended toward rival gangs, and deaths were usually vendetta related (though I had heard of a case in Stanstead where a woman was raped in murdered as part of an initiation). I would not rule anything out (I believe the Angels were dealing acid to the College and the local high school in 1978), but so far, there is no evidence that the deaths of my sister, Theresa, Manon Dube or Louise Camirand were Biker related.

Psychics: Yes, I’ve consulted psychics (I was curious.). Look, they only give you 10% of the picture. For every seemingly related piece of information, there are nine other things that confuse the hell out of you (this, not from a skeptic, but a believer).

Leo Hamel crying on camera (is he hiding something?): I don’t know. Leo had two teenage daughters at Champlain; I think his ability to investigate was compromised.

That’s all for now folks…


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