This via Terry Roth… the moment he gave the punchline, I heard it loud and clear – like she was standing right in the room saying it…

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From: John Allore
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Theresa’s laugh is lost forever… I wish I remembered it.

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…but can you still picture it ? She’d always try and keep her eyes open and her mouth would open partly and she’d look right at you and the laugh was a whole body thing – her shoulders would move and that mass of curly hair would reverberate….just watching her laugh would make us laugh

I have the full visual in my mind ….I guess I must have seen her laugh alot…she loved a good joke….

do you want to know her absolutely favorite joke? It was about ships…the US names them USS for United States Service and the British HMS for Her Majesties Service and the Italians name theirs AMB ……….

and the question was why……it stands for ‘Attsa Ma Boat’!

dumb but it was absolutely hilarious at the time…She loved to hear me tell that joke …but I got tired of it….so we got it down to just saying the punch line and it would send her into hysterics…


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