We nixed Radio Canada…

We asked to see the guy’s questions in advance. Here’s what he sent, and our reply:

—–Original Message—–
From: Ronald
Sent: Mar 9, 2005 11:38 AM
To: johnallore@earthlink.net

Subject: Demande d’entrevue

Bonjour,Il n’est pas possible de prévoir toutes les questions parce qu’il y en a qui se suggèrent en cours d’entrevue. Cela dit nous aborderons certainement les sujets suivants:

1. Qu’est-ce qui vous fait dire que votre soeur n’est pas décédée d’une surdose?

2. Après 26 ans, pourquoi est-ce important de savoir la cause du décès?

3. Pourquoi vos parents acceptent-ils d’en parler maintenant?

4. Concrètement, que peut faire la police 26 ans après le fait?

Pourrait-on faire cette entrevue demain (jeudi) à 10h00?Il me faudrait vos deux numéros de téléphone.

À bientôt

[in English]

It is not possible to think of all the questions because there are some whthat will be suggested in the course of interview. However we will deal with the following subjects:

1. What makes you say that your sister didn’t die of an overdose?

2. After 26 years, why is this important to know the cause of death?

3. Why have your parents agree do to speak about it now?

4. What do you think the police can concretely do 26 years after the fact?

Could we do the interview tomorrow (Thursday) at 10h00?
I will need your two telephone numbers


To: Ronald
Cc: aqpv@aqpv.ca, andre.allore
Subject: Re: Demande d’entrevue
Date: Mar 9, 2005 1:11 PM

Sorry Ron,

But my brother and I really do not like the tone of these questions. They put us on the defensive; as if we (again) have to defend the reputation of our sister.

We’re not going to do that anymore.

Everybody knows this story by now. I think if Kim Rossmo – one of the leading profilers in North America – says this should be investigated as a murder, then that’s what the SQ should do. It angers us to have to – once again – defend against talk about drug overdoses.

And I’m not sure what you are driving at when you ask about our parents, but I know this kind of questioning is harmful.

So not this time, maybe some other time.

Thank you for your interest,

(ya, I chomped on the bit on that one)


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