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I have to comment on Conservative MP James Moore’s decision to launch a speaking campaign at Canadian university campuses to raise awareness to the issue of date rape drugs. Moore has been an advocate on this issue for some time, and action is long overdue. I know he started his campaign at Carlton. Yesterday I emailed his office to see if I could get his schedule of appearances – specifically, I wondered if he would be stopping by Bishop’s University / Champlain College. These schools have a loooonnngg history of problems with date rape drugs all the way back to the days (circa 1976) when horse tranquilizers were used to subdue and sexually assault students (I’m not kidding). I sure hope he pays a visit to Lennoxville – they need all the help they can get.

Here is the full text of Moore’s announcement:

Moore Launches Campus Campaign Against Date-Rape Drugs

OTTAWA – In recognition of International Women’s Day, today Conservative MP James Moore joined the Carleton University Conservative Campus Club to kick-off his national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of date-rape drugs. “Date-rape drugs are a real threat to young women across the country, and I want to do my part to ensure that this important issue is raised both inside the House of Commons and on campuses across the country,” said Moore.
The campus campaign Moore launched today includes petitions to be tabled in Parliament; circulating information about the dangers of date-rape drugs and how women can protect themselves; and information on how concerned Canadians can engage in the debate to toughen Canada’s laws against these drugs. The campaign was kicked off today at Carleton University, but will involve Universities across Canada.

Moore is raising awareness of the dangers of date-rape drugs through his Private Member’s Motion (M-189) which recommends to Cabinet that the substances GHB and Rohypnol, the most common date-rape drugs, be identified in the Criminal Code under a separate schedule as ‘date-rape drugs’ with new and tougher penalties. The motion would also establish, in cooperation with the provinces and territories, a national initiative to educate women on the dangers of date-rape drugs and related substances; and create a national task force to establish new guidelines for the collection and documentation of evidence in sexual assault investigations to facilitate prosecutions.

“In recent years date-rape drugs have become a real menace to women. The thugs and cowards who use these drugs to brutalize women need to be fought in our laws, and women need to know how to protect themselves from being victimized,” said Moore. Typically date-rape drugs are secretly slipped into drinks or food; once ingested they act rapidly, rendering the victim unconscious and unresponsive with little or no memory of what happens to them while the drug was active in their system. Worse, all traces of the drug can leave the body within 72 hours and often do not show up in routine toxicology screen or blood test.

Speaking to students at Carleton University, Moore said: “Awareness is the first line of defence for young women targeted by this cowardly assault. We want to do our part to address this, while at the same time calling for long-overdue action by the federal government to strengthen our laws against those who use these drugs to abuse women.”


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